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Amsterdam Javascript Midi Workshops

[location and dates to be confirmed]

Performing Live and on Emcradio.com

First Saturday of Every Month.

Amsterdam Javascript Midi Workshops


Beginner Friendly

Yearly Fee : 30 euro

Play to Learn, Learn to code, Code to Play

Overview: Participants connect laptops using midi and/or Ableton link to create live audio visual jamming sessions.

We use the HTML5 midi and sound apis, Ableton Live, Max, PureData, Reaper and anything else we can sync with. If three turn up we have a trio, four - a quartet, more than five we have a Javascript midi Orchestra


Published Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday Evening Chillout

studio and dogs

But how to get there was the rub. For the nonce he was rather nonplussed but inasmuch as the duty plainly devolved upon him to take some measures on the subject he pondered suitable ways and means during which Stephen repeatedly yawned.

Published Wednesday, May 10, 2017