The Eclectic Meme Conspiracy - an introduction


Everything you've read on the 'net is true.

The Eclectic Meme conspiracy is a postmodern website/ book/ RPG online game that depicts a post peak oil world where occult magic, fairy slavery, nanotechnology and genetic mutations have changed humanity as we know it. Drawing from popular culture and the mass media, it serves as a chronicle of the volumes of information we consume daily.

Drawing from the works of Robert Anton Wilson, Noam Chomsky, ColdCut and John Oswald, Baudrillard, James Joyce, Umberto Eco, Stan Lee and Walt Disney, we appropriate the every day imagery that iconifies our lives into little squares of social media content.

Built on our JiGS game engine, the game is designed to grow over years adapting to the players and creators as they spin their virtual narrative.

The game is set in 2053, 30 years after peak oil point was reached. Following several apocalyptic events, man has mostly turned to densely populated Mega cities or Anarchic Wilderness. Communications between these cities is often difficult and open to exploitation.

Then there are the portals. Staring in the early seventies but increasing over the years the discovery of ancient portals crisscrossing the globe alongside extraordinary commercial experiments in genetic modifications,life extension and nano-technology, The Earth is a place unrecognizable to anyone from the 20th century.

Ancient Aliens, Morphic Resonances, Remote Viewing, Teleportation and The New World Order.


So imagine a virtual world, a living breathing internet of people and ideas, genes and memes. Before bio punk, before steam punk even before cyberpunk there was PUNK! This is a cut n paste world where we embrace the scissors. And a fingers up to the man (just cause we're meant to be controversial. Know wot I mean?).

Like a digital version of Calvinball, The Eclectic Meme Conspiracy is built to constantly evolve, the player is required to regularly learn the game anew. Some of the characters know they are players in a game having reached enlightenment. Others hold on to their reality tunnels for dear virtual life.

//~~ Wavy Lines ~~\\ is a glitched up version of the collective consciousness, a summary of events, conversations and spam - it conceals the truth amongst the noise. It collects information generated inside the game with the generated spam of the real world to accurately simulate the chaos of information overload.

To install your own version is not straightforward, but there are instructions on the github page

To see what the current state of development is, you can register at the game. Warning: it's still early days of content construction. So you could get lost.