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Live Streaming - Day Fifteen

Was not in a good mood. Two days in a row. Brick wall, bad news from landlord.

So just after I pressed play on Ableton to set the studio in sync, I set the DAW to search for some missing media knowing it would put Live out of action for the next 25 minutes. The MS20 was not available nor was the Matrixbrute.

So I treated myself to an impromptu techno set courtesy of the TR-8 and the Drum Brute, but mainly the drum brute courtesy of that amazing Steiner Parker filter that just turns micro edits in to full cadences.

After 25 minutes Ableton control returned and I brought in some drum loops and basslines to soften the set as bit before ending with an extended play with metaphysical function and the delay play on the JP and TR-8

Published Friday, November 2, 2018