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Live Streaming - Day Six

Well there's one for the books, I was more looking forward to the jog than I was the live stream. I had no preparation. This week I'm focusing on the Daw. I want to get some drum racks with DJ battle scratches and loops, some fx racks. Maybe live can provide distortion for the jp and maybe some delays.

The Daw and The Dawless:

I swing both both ways, I want to go completely hard sometimes and only use live as the sync. Other times I go completely soft and ... Ok enough of that.

Point is: right in the middle of the week's first set which focus on the DAW, and live crashed.

So I continued with the JP and the TR-8 until live reboot and I kicked off on the fourth and back in on the first. Hardly the most disruptive part of the set and I was delighted. No stress. No airs and graces. I dislike self important djs  and these sets are supposed to push me out of my comfort zone. So a three bar breakdown is perfectly fine :-)

After opening with the backing track I took off into improv after 3 minutes and stayed there for the entire set. Mostly techno with extended ambient breakdowns.



Published Monday, October 22, 2018