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Live Streaming - Day Thirty Nine

screenshot of youtube stream

80 bpm

And now for a second admission (The first being the loss of my mojo).

I'm not feeling it with VCV Rack.

When I use it as part of my composition process it is great, but then so is Softubes Modular (and it has the Buchla 259e Twisted Waveform Generator ). However I wouldn't dream of using softube's modular live, in fact I use freeze EVERY time I use softube.

So over the past month or so I have done my best to integrate VCVrack into my live studio. But the issues have been many. First it was latency, then jack versus pulse audio configuration default issues, it takes twice as long to set up versus windows during each daily boot up.

But even when I solved most of the vcvrack issues I found myself spending more time watching some brilliant tutorials than using the software.

Focusing on buliding the live studio concept AND learning vcvrack modules AND learn vcvrack composition at the same time is too much. Meanwhile I really don't want to remove vcvrack from the studio setup.

Short term solution and long term solution:

Use other peoples patches and integrate them into the studio, then learn what these patches are doing over time by absorbing them like the Borg.



Published Friday, December 28, 2018