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Live Streaming - Day Twenty One

Live Streaming - Day Twenty One

New Week New Theme. The Ableton Push 2. I haven't really used it since I upgraded from the original. So I'm dedicating this week to learning a few more of its functions. I also want to check out some of the built in midi fx that come with live.

I've been tweaking my vcv rack patch a little and while I am happy with four of the eight instruments I've prepared for the live set, I know VCVrack is capable of so much more. So I emailed Omri Cohen and got his blessing to use his patches, a lot. Starting next week I'll be adapting some of the patches Omri has uploaded to patches.org and experimenting with them in the live setup.

The sets are now a fifty/fifty mix of prepared tracks and total improv and I believe it is not always obvious which is which. This has been one of the main short term goals so I am definitely happy with the progress musically as well as technically of the first few weeks.


Published Monday, November 12, 2018