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Live Streaming - Day Two


Objective: A bit smoother than yesterday.

No jogging today, but feeling the pain from yesterday and not looking forward to tomorrow. Still two days in a row practising melodics.

I've still not got the studio set up the way I want. I feel I probably started streaming a week too soon, but since I don't intend to have listeners for a few weeks it doesn't really matter. I started a few minutes late because I thought my stream had been blocked for copyright reasons. Turned out it was only a test stream so I deleted it. But starting late meant I did not get my sound test and lo and behold not only was VCVrack not ready but neither was the matrix brute. However I was a bit more experienced than the day before. I stuck to the same set, mostly based around the puremagnetik bassline and the 80's re-edits. I closed with the metaphysical function generator as recommended in this post.


Published Tuesday, October 16, 2018