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OBS - Open Broadcasting Studio

OBS - Open Broadcasting Studio


This software literally inspired me to stream daily within minutes of using it. As simple as it is it represents 15 years of dabbling in music, multimedia and activism . Compared to our game which is almost identical in function/nature the simplicty of the medium both the technicalies of streaming more than average sound quality and HD in visiuals (if that rocks your boat- I use it coz I can) and the pervasiveness of video in social media.

For me the unit of audio is not a tune or an album, it's a stream. I have nearly 500 Ableton backing trax that constantly change as i absorb new ideas sounds etc. But everything is dynamic, no one version of a tune stands out as the original mix. I can take snapshots for mixcloud maybe, but I am drawn to the disposable pulp format of the dailies.


  • I use vlc to display time sync generative graphics as a background, I'm fond of this hack I came up with myself. I use  capture-device audio = input in, video=none. I use project-m plugin to display the old winamp milkdrop algorhthms.
  • The obs is installed on an older laptop [clint] which has the screen pointing towards the ableton push. : "The push cam."
  • Two external usb webcams on [clint] show myself and left at the kit.
  • [clint] handles the main slideshow that displays activist and local news related tweets.
  • [clint] can handle two maybe three additional slideshows of various digital art before feeling strained.
  • I got confused using [clint] to control an additional vlc player running some looped AVIs
  • Obs is installed on the laptop[junior] that vcvrack is installed on and sends the vcvrack stream over the wifi to [clint] NDIS plugin which uses ethernet to broadcast the finished stream to Youtube or Twitch or Twitter (periscope) or any other service.
  • Obs is installed on an old laptop to display more image slideshows or AVIs via NDIS plugin, but hasn't been tested yet.


Published Friday, November 30, 2018