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E=MC23 Presents:

Daily Improv Hour with @Techbot

Mon - Fri

Techbot and Left

  All aBout Beats And bREaKs


New York  7:00 am

Dubllin 12:00 midday

Amsterdam 13:00 pm

Palestine 14:00 pm


eVoLution sPeciaL

Friday Nov 16th Special Broadcast

New York  13:00 am

Dublin 18:00 pm

Amsterdam 19:00 pm

Palestine 20:00 pm

Until we feel like finishing up.




Phase Two


Week Six - Quality Control

Day Thirty- 120 bpm

Day Twenty Nine 110 bpm

Day Twenty Eight - 100 bpm

Day Twenty Seven - 90 bpm

Day Twenty Six - 80 bpm

Phase One

Week Five - Ableton push - 120 bpm

Day Twenty Five

Day Twenty Four

Day Twenty Three

Day Twenty Two

Day Twenty One

Week Four- VCVRack  - 110 bpm

Day Twenty

Day Nineteen

Day Eighteen

Day Seventeen

Day Sixteen



Week Three - Roland JP8000 - 100 bpm

Day Fifteen

Day Fourteen

Day Thirteen

Day Twelve

Day Eleven



Week Two - The DAW Ableton Live - 90 bpm

Focusing on the two fundamental different views in Ableton Live, Presets, Samples, Drum racks, sample and midi cells, Ableton Clips, Battle DJ rips, Congas

Day Ten

Day Nine

Day Eight

Day Seven

Day Six

Week One - The Studio - 80 bpm

The studio as a live instrument, focusing on controllers, presets, loading times, loading glitches, computer crashes, camera and speaker placement, cables.

Day Five

Day Four

Day Three

Day Two

Day One

Published Friday, October 19, 2018