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Live Streaming - Day Sixteen

And thus we begin the VCVrack themed week. Why now? Because I had a breakthrough.

Over the weekend I was playing with the Ubuntu settings and I managed to removed pulse audio from the equation altogether. So I have a pure Jack setup.

However I still ended up feeling agitated when I start practising my set. So, I had noticed the reason I had failed getting Jack working by itself before was every time I did manage, it then broke when I changed a setting. This time I turned everything off, the system refused to co-operate on one or two attempts but I was able to reduce the buffer from 1024 to 512, thus the latency form 22 ms to 11 ms and the agitation disappeared.

It felt enjoyable playing vcvrack again exactly how it feels when playing it standalone with a mouse instead of synced to another machine via controllers etc.

This evening if I have time I will connect the novation controller up to a windows machine, to see if I can program the novation to have a few pages, that I can access to control different aspects of my vcvrack patch.


  • Page Zero controls the volumes mutes and sends for all eight channels.
  • Page One controls the first instruments a three oscillator (evenVCO) with the xfx filter and seq32
  • Page Two controls XfX wave and rampage enveloper thingy
  • Page Three controls Trummor and Trummor 2 fed by the random sampler
  • Page Four Seven seas wavetable (not hooked up yet)
  • Page Five Texture Synth
  • Page Six MacroOscillator Two
  • Page Seven MacroOscillator Two


Published Monday, November 5, 2018