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Live Streaming - Day Thirty Six

screenshot of youtube stream

120 bpm

New time, new place.

I can categorically state, that I've lost my mojo. Over the past month and a half, I I did not feel like doing the gig I did it anyway, never regretted it and more importantly learned a valuable lesson.

The project was a culmination of several factor, an alignment of the stars. Each and every one of these factors complimented each other to create the final product. Very i9mportant, it was a project that ebbed and flowed with my mood.

Once any one of the factors was removed, the alignment failed and the daily disposable quest for improvement was compromised. So although I had experienced the not wanting to perform on this occasion, this occasion was unique and telling because I knew I would not want to perform the day after either.

So I am cancelling the daily obligation (a deal I made with the universe) until another alignment appears.

Published Friday, December 21, 2018