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Live Streaming - Day Five

Two hour set from a one hour backing track, that's one hour of improv! See, I told you it would work, and in the first week!

Ok so not smooth in that a listener can probably pick out the prepared stuff over the live improv, but it's all music and it worked well.

Next week I'll focus on the DAW Ableton, now that I'm happy with the direction the studio is taking. I'll load up some loops midi and audio and start working on how I can transpose two synths at the same time and how to move out of one groove and into another.

Published Friday, October 19, 2018

Live Streaming - Day Four

Forgot my finger drumming lessons on melodics today. Dammit. Well I just need to beat 3 days in a row next time. No jogging today which is good, I'm still in pain from yesterday.

The stream went well. Kaizen. A little bit better than yesterday which was a little bit better than the day before.

Published Thursday, October 18, 2018