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Live Stream

Live Streaming - Day Thirty Eight

90 bpm

Christmas edition

Next year I'm gonna make sure I have a Christmas samples folder. I feel bad that this set is absolutely no different to any other set. I played with the idea of themes before but always found myself breaking the theme up. So for example I still use stuff from an 1980s theme mix I made and a James Bond theme, but  I don't actually do themes. (The weekly themes are a technical issue for me to focus on learning and blogging about - they are not musical themes).

Published Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Live Streaming - Day Thirty Seven

100 bpm

Christmas Eve edition

No need to panic, while we figure out how the schedule for the new year will play out, we still got loads of holiday time on our hands. And there is only one way Lisa and I like to celebrate Christmas, and that means 303s, 808s and two ableton push controllers :-)

Needs more twinkly bells.

Published Monday, December 24, 2018

OBS - Open Broadcasting Studio


This software literally inspired me to stream daily within minutes of using it. As simple as it is it represents 15 years of dabbling in music, multimedia and activism . Compared to our game which is almost identical in function/nature the simplicty of the medium both the technicalies of streaming more than average sound quality and HD in visiuals (if that rocks your boat- I use it coz I can) and the pervasiveness of video in social media.

Published Friday, November 30, 2018

Live Streaming - Day Twenty Nine

110 bpm

A bit rough but nothing out of the ordinary. I found a few more sequences on the matrix brute I like. I will do a theme week on the brute pretty soon but for now focusing on tweaking the past few areas has been as productive as any of the other themes, since I don't necessarily get to finish what I was doing in five days.

The drum brute is making an extended appearance and I'm making use of the four bar length as opposed to the 1 bar loops I tended to stick with. This allows small variations in snare fills etc.


Published Thursday, November 22, 2018

Live Streaming - Day Twenty Eight

100 bpm

I've added some more 'pages' or projects to the beatstep. It's a tedious process. Linking it up to vcvrack is no less so. But I'm sure over a few weeks it will become easier. A few weeks ago even setting up vcvrack with low latency seemed impossible.

One issue with the arturia project per vcvrack instrument is the need to copy the actual patterns across the projects, although I tend to keep them simple.

Published Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Live Streaming - Day Twenty Six

First day of Phase 2

80 bpm

An hour of preparation before each set means I have many more options during the set itself. I've been tweaking the tune cells, creating locked grooves and ensuring the tunes are properly warped. I'm reconfiguring the arturia beatstep so I can use CC in vcvrack, but it will take a few days (20 minutes per session maximum is available to me).


Published Monday, November 19, 2018

Live Streaming - Day Twenty Two

Only three tunes for the repetoire, extended to nearly ten minutes each and filter out to make room for an eclectic, chaotic glitch techno set. Some nice breaks downs heavy use of vcvrack randomness and plenty of squelchy noises form the Mother32 and MS20.

I'm thinking about making every tuesday a #dawless session.

I'd need to be able to switch form Ableton live being the master clock to something else. I'll see what options I have.

Published Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Live Streaming - Day Eighteen

Played a lot of my rendered tunes layered with the live instruments. What worked especially well is working with works-in-progress that are nicely mixed but missing a few instruments. Working off the cuff, with a small element of panic and the need to keep things simple because it's live, leads to things like using a volume fader to skip drum hits. I would never do this in a mouse and keyboard session, but live it is magical.

VCVRack is working great (the sum of the parts and all that), as it blends into the rest of the studio.

Published Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Live Streaming - Day Thirteen

Added the RPS (phrase sequencing) from the jp 8000 into the set. I pre-programmed some phrases, all uninspired but a repetitive process that became second nature over an hour or two. Could easily record phrases live if I could repeat happy accidents. But I reckon I forced the technique and I was not comfortable with the results.

Published Wednesday, October 31, 2018