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The Concept Mixtape - LIVE - Ep: 10 The Rocky X Show

The Concept Mixtape - LIVE - EP:8 The Summer Meltdown

Bandcamp Friday June 5th

This June 5th is Bandcamp waiver day.

Lisa and I will match our bandcamp  spend with a donaltion to the bailout funds.

The two purchases I'm most looking forward to are

Subscription to the Label: NonClassical


the Digital Discography to Russian Hip Hop Label : RMixed



A ten year old scene based aorund plunderphonics and 90s mall culture and it is punk as fuck. How did I not hear of this before. Well obviously I've been living under a rock past 10 years and that's ok.

Born of bandcamp (think Archive.org but cool and with payment systems) living on the fringes of legality it usually involves the slowing down of muzak, Jazz and 80s pop classics (often with no other treatment).

Sample Pack: Panamalaan

So we sampled

The building: the metallic stairs, the dishwasher, the elevator

The surrounding area: trains, a few bridges, the traffic lights

The tram: both from the outside on the street and we hopped on hopped off thanks to the fact that two stops are really close to each other and we have OV chipcards.

We used a frying pan mostly and a hammer.

We ultimately used three devices, the laptop with the IK multimedia mic, a handheld sony recorder and a mobile phone.



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